Sulfur/Chlorine in Oil Test Onsite

XRF analysis with the Lab-X3500 saves you time and money and increases your productivity.

The Lab-X3500 is designed to perform in a wide range of locations wherever quality control is required, e.g. in the laboratory or on-site.

  • Lab-X3500 is a reliable and affordable XRF analyser for a wide range of industries such as petroleum, wood treatment, cement, minerals, mining and plastics.
  • Lab-X3500S/Cl model is optimised for analysis in air path thereby avoiding the requirement any external gas.
  • Small and compact providing 24/7 peace of mind and ease of use by production staff.

Lab-X3500 complies with ASTM D4294, ISO8754, ISO20847 and IP336.

XRF Analysis made easy – Lab-X3500.

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