Establishing Oil Drain Intervals

Gathering the right information and resources are one of the key steps to successful extended oil drain interval projects. These steps can be broken down as follows:-

  • Have as thorough as possible the fleet profile, including the engine model, year of make, oil sump size, type of oil use, typical service interval, ODI etc.
  • Select the most representative candidate for trials, the more the better.
  • With the target oil drain interval, project the potential cost savings of ODI.
  • With historical data identify risks associated with ODI.
  • Develop suitable monitoring program to monitor and mitigate such risk.
  • Commit to a monitoring program that will be supported on the target achieved.
  • For equipments/models deemed unique, a separate monitoring program is recommended.

Once a new ODI is set, it is still important to have a selective monitoring, especially just before the new ODI to see if the limiting parameters are still below limits, as environment during trials and normal operations do vary.

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