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 Parameters / Features  
CbM-1044 Fuel & Oil Test Cabinet with Compatibility Tester
  • Viscosity, unheated to 40°C, heated to 40°C & 50°C
  • Water in Oil  – 0 -1 %, 0 -10 %, 0 – 20 % (esp for stern tube oils)
  • BN – 5-80
  • Density – 0.8-1.10 RD
  • Salt – go/no go
  • Insolubles – qualitative
  • Pour Point – >0°C
  • Residual Fuel Compatibility & Stability as per ASTM D4740
  • Weight 50.0kg
  • Dimension 43cm x 74cm x 75cm
CbM S0023XDE Sulphur Onboard Testing Instrument 




  • Measurable Element: Sulfur
  • As per ASTM D4294
  • Analysis Range: 2.8ppm – 99.99%
  • Detection Limit (Petroleum): 2.8ppm (5ppm when helium gas id filled)
  • Standard Deviation when >100ppm: 15ppm
  • Standard Deviation when <100ppm: 10ppm
  • Tests: Liquids Only
  • Power Output: 110V AC or 220V AC
  • Ambient Temperature: -20°C to 50°C
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Dimension: 35cm x 35cm x 29cm
Quantitative Ferrography – PQ Indexhttp://www.kittiwake.com/ANALEXpqL-ferrous-debris-monitorAnalytical Ferrographyhttp://www.kittiwake.com/ANALEXrpd-rotary-particle-depositorKarl Fischer Titration


 Features include:• Improved reliability and durability

• Measurement cycle time more than halved compared to pqA

• Reduced footprint

• Sample container flexibility

• Backwards data compatibility PC and ethernet connectivity 4 x USB Ports (for Memory Stick, Printer, Keyboard, Mouse etc)

• Optional barcode scanner, Optional loading robot


Features cover:

• Simple method of wear debris separation, enabling you to effectively analyse the results of your oil sample

• An uncontaminated wear debris sample is produced – carbonaceous material is removed

• Excellent particle separation – deposition path length is equivalent to a linear 160 mm, with a wide particle size range – typically 1 to 2000 microns

• Supplied complete with a comprehensive “Guide to Wear Particle Recognition”


The Aquamax KF offers many advantages:-

• Easy operation – single button to press after setting up programme, everything else is automatic.

• Portability – optional carry case

• Battery operation – allows use outside the laboratory  Built in printer – everything in a single footprint, small space requirement

• Conform to ASTM D95, ASTM D1364, ASTM D1533, ASTM D3401, ASTM D4006, ASTM D4377, ASTM D4672, ASTM D4928, ASTM D6304, ASTM E202, ASTM E203, ASTM E1064, IP74, IP356, IP358, IP386, IP438, DIN 51777, IEC 60814, BS 148, BS 6470, BS EN 60814, ISO 3733, ISO 3734, ISO7201-1, ISO 10101-3, ISO 10337, ISO 12937.

FTIR3 Oil Analyzerhttp://www.kittiwake.com/ftir3-infra-red-ir-oil-analysisFlash Point Tester  The  Oil Analyser is configured to comply with ASTM-D74181 Standard Practice and the included software comes pre-loaded with the complete range of JOAP* and ASTM approved methods used for the condition monitoring of in-service lubricants, including:• Sulphate by-products• Oxidation• Nitration• Phosphate Anti-wearIn addition, the following parameters are also calculated using ASTM defined test practices:• Soot• Water

• Antioxidant depletion

• Glycol contamination

Particle Countinghttp://www.filterselector.com/FilterPDF/Publications/IcountBSplus_FDHB500UK-IBSplus2013.pdf Features:• Quick sample bottle analysis with variable test time options from 15 seconds and volume capacities from 10ml.• Repeatable and re-producible result performance to ISO4406:1999, NAS1638 AS4509E and GOST 17216:2001 (Differential and Cumulative) particle count distributions.• On-board compressor and ‘shop’ air capability.• Environmentally controlled front-loading bottle chamber.• Selectable 12-language instruction manual menu.• Analysis of fluid moisture and temperature capability.

• icountBSplus has the capability for on-line fluid measurement configuration as well as off-line fluid sampling.

• Design concept allowing for portability. DC and rechargeable battery pack power option built in.

• CE compliant

• Fluid resistant touch type screen panel.

• On-board thermal printer.

• 500 test memory (fully downloadable)

 Biodiesel Test Kits

Biodiesel Test Kits

Water DIGI Water Cell Reagents and Consumables 100 – 3000 ppm, 200 – 10000 ppm and 0 – 10% 50
Density Hydrometer Hydrometer Jar Digital Thermometer 850 – 950 kg/m3 0 – 110 °C (1°C increment) Unlimited
Viscosity Falling Ball Viscometer Calibration Standard 1 – 10 cSt @ 40°C Unlimited
TAN / Acid Content ECON TAN Drop Test Reagents and Consumables 0 – 6 TAN 25
Visual Test Sample Bottle Sample Beaker Qualitative Unlimited