About Us

CbM Solutions Sdn. Bhd. started as Kittiwake Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd, incorporated in 2007. It was  originally co-owned by the original shareholders of Kittiwake Developments Ltd., UK. During the early years the company were registered with Ministry of Finance, PETRONAS and MISC.

The direct customers were PETRONAS Carigali Miri, PETRONAS Carigali Sabah, PETRONAS Lubricant International, Owen International of Australia, Murphy Oil, PT Kencana Teknika of Indonesia, Solge of South Korea, Tekteam of Taiwan and indirectly with Royal Malaysian Navy.

In 20 June 2012, the company changed the name to CbM Solutions Sdn. Bhd. The new  MOF registration 357-02215939.



“Detect-to-Protect” is the brand and philosophy of the company.

Our range of solutions enable closer monitoring of heavy machineries to detect signs of issues that require further attention in order to protect the asset.

The philosophy goes beyond looking at machineries’ health. It is also relevant to self, community, organization and our environment. For self, our quality of life can be improved with earlier detection and awareness of potential issues. Early detection of potential threats can lead to early prevention.

We want to promote this philosophy, to improve quality of life for those within our sphere of influence.

The Logo represent this philosophy as follows:-

  • “d” in stylistic curves represent detect, the key attribute of the company. Being amber in colour to enhance the connection with traffic light amber, which means alert.
  • “p” represent protect the key value that the company aspire to do. Being green connects everything is in good and healthy condition.
  • The two elements intertwine to form “infinity” sign, represents continuity between detection and protection. A relationship that is almost “destined”  and should be maintained for as long as protection is desired. It is slanting 45 degree to represent improvement upward from  alarm to healthy operating conditions.


Benefit to you

  • Choice for faster diagnostic results, either 24/7 solution, onsite/onboard ship solution or laboratory based solution
  • Our partnership will bring the expertise in lube oil analysis, acoustic emission monitoring and vibration monitoring
  • We are a young team and eager to grow and bring the best available technology in condition monitoring.
  • We want to help you to make condition monitoring a culture fostering greater sensitivities and awareness of conditions that will be impacting your KPIs and bottom line.


How can we help you

  • Be a partner in your condition monitoring strategy.
  • Offer solution for early detection of potential problems such as abnormal wear, contamination of your lubrication system, degradation of lube oil etc.
  • Ensure your current lubricant in-service and in storage are at the correct type and in optimum condition
  • Improve equipment reliability and productivity
  • Reduce total maintenance cost