WaterSCAN – Total Water & Soot Sensor

Product Code: FG-K17353-KW

Water and oil don’t mix! It is a very well known fact.  Even so, water is still the most common contaminant in lube oil samples and causes a multitude of problems.

WaterSCAN: Total Water / Water in Oil Monitor from Parker Kittiwake provides real time, high accuracy online measurements of total water and soot levels in your oil and even works as the oil ages and becomes dirty. The Total Water Sensor will enable you to monitor the ingress and instantly rectify the problem.  Robust, waterproof housing and temperature stable circuitry ensures that the sensor can provide accurate, repeatable, reliable and real time data in the harshest of conditions.

  • Allows for quick rectification as soon as water in oil content increases
  • Real time access to results mean no waiting for water in oil sample analysis
  • Decreases production downtime by monitoring online
  • Provides results which are guaranteed to be representative of water in oil
  • Increases component and oil life
  • Simple retrofit installation and easy to use


Communications: USB download / upload as standard (CAN, Modbus & TCP / IP optional)
Analogue Outputs: 2 x 4-20 mA
Alarms: Programmable alarm levels for water and soot
Supply Voltage: 100 to 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz
Fluid Pressure: 2 – 10 Bar (29 – 145 psi)
Ambient Operating Temperature: 5 to 55°C

Detection Limits

Soot Content (% Wt) Water Max* (PPM)
0 10,000
0.25 5,000
0.5 N/A
* Water Max is the upper detection limit as a function of soot contamination


Specific Oil Calibration Generic Oil Calibration
Water: Accuracy ± 2% ± 5%
Resolution 100 PPM 100 PPM
Soot: Accuracy ± 10% ± 10%
Resolution 0.005% Wt 0.005% Wt

Ordering Information

MAK19639PA_WaterSCAN Datasheet

MA-K17884-KW WaterSCAN Manual

Part Number  Description
FG-K17353-KW WaterSCAN Monitor – Complete