LinerSCAN – Cylinder Liner Monitor

“Since 2001, we have dealt with at least 30 instances of engine damage caused by fuel catalytic fines.  This problem is increasing and is likely to get worse with the additional demands for low sulfur fuels. Each of these casualties required a complete renewal of pistons, liners and injectors, at a cost of $1 to $3 million each.” G.Williams, principal surveyor, BMT Marine & Offshore Surveys Ltd., Marine Log Feb 2010


LinerSCAN effectively monitors the slow, heavily contaminated and viscous flow of scavenge drain oil. Over 300 units supplied since launch.

  • The first unmistakable signs of scuffing can often be seen a few days before serious damage, not just hours.
  • Bedding in does not always follow a standard pattern.
  • Optimal cylinder lubricant feed rates fluctuate due to trade, load, running hours and many other unknown factors.
  • Real time main engine condition data now allows you to optimize the feed rate onboard without taking samples.

Liner Wear

LinerSCAN Cylinder Liner Monitor can give you real time data that helps to reduce the cylinder oil lubricant feed rate to the optimal value. It provides a fast response when a problem occurs; allowing you to detect and repair before the problem becomes serious. LinerSCAN will detect fuel CAT fines in real-time and allows plotting of cylinder liner bed-in, so action can be taken e.g. increase of lubricant, if problems occur.

LinerSCAN View

An office based version of this software,LinerSCAN View, is available for easy evaluation of data from remote or shore based locations. Data is exported from the ship into the LinerSCAN View software. You can balance LinerSCAN Cylinder Liner Monitor results with simple testing of the Base number (BN) to provide data ensuring controlled corrosion and good liner condition (See also the BN DIGI Test Kit by clicking here).

MA-K27243-KW LinerSCAN Brochure Single Pages

Ordering Information

Part Number  Description
FG-K17400-KW LinerSCAN Sensor Complete (one per cylinder)
FG-K17401-KW LinerSCAN Software and Network (one per engine)